Our company has been established in 1969 located in KONYA, TURKEY. In the past we were mostly manufacturing the manuel system laying nest, feding troughs and watering cups. Since1990, after noticing the need of the battery type full automatic cage system, we had started producing them the latest technology High quaility raw material, animal health, low maintenance, dry and odorless manure, hand free egg.. Professional staff, high-tech machinery, after sale service, costumer satşicfaction, long year’s experience…

Unuting the past’s experience and the future’s technology. …



Tavek layer cages system is designed to our customer’s requirements depending on animal health, laying performance, and the balance of the naurel environment. Equipped with electronic control panels, the system gives us a trouble-free working performance. Within the system, all the metal sheets and the hot-dipped-galvanized to insure protection against corrosion.


All the legs are formed Utype and made singlepiece to increase the strength. The horizontally sliding cage door system is easy to lock and suitable for feding all the birds at the same time.


The feed is transported to the feed wagons from the silo with the screw conveyors. Here the wagons carry the feed into the feed trough at a pre-determined speed. With the feed kit, the feed quantity is adjustable. The system is equipped with an electrnic control panel which protects it self againts any problem. All the feed troughes are shaped stronggly againts any forces. To be able to step on, every 60 cm there is a feed trough leg made out of hot dipped galvanized. There are Windows on to the feed wagons in case of the visual sight of the feed.


To be able to get enough water, yhere are three nippels at evey compartment. There are pressure adjusted regulators at the begenning of the watering line. A drip trough V shaped leakage gutter is installed undegneath the nipple drinker lines to provent any water spillages and to provide dry manure.


With the lift system, eggs are collected easily by reducing the breakage. The synthetic belts are close-knitted and keep the eggs clean. These belts are attached with plastic holders which keep them in the egg line and insure against dangling. With different gear motors for each tier, collrcyting the eggs is easy and trouble-free. At the end of the conveyors, there are limit switches and the end frames are suitable for egg grading and packing machines. The egg conveyor is specially desinged to carry all the eggs to the egg room.


All the front and the end stes are unwelded. The rollers are coated with rubber and easily take out the manure with PP manure belts. There are four scrapers which clean the system by it self. With the helix rollers at every floor, cleaning the longitudinal manure belt is easy. Manure head frame has different gear motors for each tier which allows us to use them seperatly or all together. With the new sysstem cages, our customers do not have to deal with naither gears, nor heavy duty chains. The manureis transported to the end of the rows and the labor is minimized. Here the manure drops on to the manure cross belt and easily taken out of the building. All the system is equipped with an electronic control panel and durable for a long time.



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